Starting in August 2022 after devasting floods in Pakistan, the “Resistance to Resilience” initiative undertook to build a floating home as a means to provide empowerment to local people most affected.  Floating homes could provide more continuity and safety for those that are most vulnerable to flooding.

This project was brought to Architect and Civic Leader Zain Mustafa by Fauzia Khuhro to help a small village she knew of near a town called Mehar in Dadu (Sindh), Pakistan.

“After many conversations, ideation, research and looking at water-based homes in SE Asia plus bamboo architecture and even earthquake-proof cribbage buildings of the northern areas, we wanted a sustainable long-term design solution. Plus, one which is not donated or built for but is conceptually understood by the villagers and built by them. A self-empowerment program to give them a better sense of self and control towards a better mental health condition. This project “Resistance to Resilience” encompasses all of the above.” – Zain Mustafa

The photo series below shares the process and journey.

1) Developing the Plan – Zain Mustafa with two elders working on initial ideas.


2) Building Floating Home – Villagers constructing their pilot Floating Home.


3) Launching Floating Home – community interest in the project grows, gathering more and more villagers to help and watch.


4) Home Floating – Success!


5) The many people involved in this innovative project.