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Zain Mustafa (standing) of the Indus River Valley Institute for Research & Development​ with Jean Gardner (seated), Founder of Earth Group Global.

Indus River Valley Institute for Research & Development​

Earth Group Global is dedicated to aligning us with vital Earth systems on which the health and well-being of all life is based. We focus on what and how we make, especially Architecture and its connections to you, to bioregions, and to the Earth.

Earth Group Global collaborates with Zain Mustafa’s Cultural Think Tank, the Indus River Valley Institute for Research & Development, because of the extraordinary world-wide significance today of Pakistan’s Heritage Architectural Sites. These Indus River Valley sites are vital links in a world-wide system that regulates the Earth’s life supporting energies.



Trail blazing is what we do when we find ourselves in the wilderness, with no path to guide us but our own intuitive understanding of nature and our destination. At times we must walk through the night, guided only by the stars. We know when to sit and rest, to shelter from storms, when to gather water, and what on the trail will sustain us and what will do us harm. We are courageous and cautious in equal measure, but we are driven forward, not only by our own desire to reach our destination, but also by the desire to leave a viable way for others who follow.
- Lucy H. Pearce

Author, Mother of Three, Wife, Dreamer

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