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Plastic & You – March 2024
Did you know that plastic recycling is largely a myth?!

Recognizing Our Common Humanity – January 2024
Your Actions Make a Difference


Practicing Gratitude – November 2023
What did YOU notice?

Harvest Magic – October 2023
Do you feel in tune with the season?

How Are YOU? – September 2023
Exploring Embodied Wisdom

Wake Up Call – June 2023
Murky “daylight” shakes us awake

Artist Visionaries in a Time of Crisis – April 2023
Path to a More Resilient Future

Unexpected Events – March 2023
What unexpected natural events have you experienced?

Youth Activism Shapes Tomorrow – February 2023
Taking the future into their hands



A Time for Reflection – December 2022
Cosmic pause between Moon & Sun

What Stirs Your Curiosity? – July 2022
An internal call to Pakistan

Peace Now – June 2022
The healing power of cultures of peace

Mother’s for Peace – May 2022
Mother’s Day call to action

Why Mark Earth Day Every Spring? – April 2022
Everyone has a role to play

Join us in aligning with the earth! – March 2022
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