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Adventures in Pakistan – Fall 2022


Jean Gardner, Founder of Earth Group Global, planning adventures in Pakistan during her recent three-month residency at the Indus Valley River Institute, outside Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

The following image galleries capture some of the stunning heritage sites visited during her stay.

Image credits:  IRVI Residency – Islamabad, Pakistan

Jean Gardner Indus River Valley Residency


These photos reveal only a few of the more than 50 of Pakistan’s Architectural Heritage Sites explored through Cube Edutours and the Indus River Valley Institute. Zain Mustafa founded Cube Edutours as a unique heritage architecture education tourism initiative, taking learning about bioregional shared history to heritage sites across Pakistan.

Mustafa is also the founder of The Indus River Valley Institute (IRVI), Pakistan’s first culture, heritage and identity think tank to reclaim the lost roots to our ancestors who passed through the Indus River Valley or settled there over millennia.

Image credits:  IRVI Residency – Islamabad, Pakistan

​Debut IRVI Residency: Jean Gardner with Tauseef Hassaan of Pindi Heritage Walk


September 2022:  Rawalpindi (Pindi) is in the Punjab province of Pakistan. What an amazing adventure to explore it with Tauseef Hassaan! Down ancient streets, deciphering hidden clues of the glorious past of the architecture and inhabitants of many origins living side by side. A model to strive for today.

Tauseef Hassaan launched his tour guide platform in January 2021. He is a young architecture student and activist “promoting sustainable cultural tourism through heritage walks of Old Pindi.” His goal is “to discover and restore the lost heritage of Rawalpindi.” Learn more in this Forbes article.

Here are some of his interesting discoveries.

Image credits:  IRVI Residency – Islamabad, Pakistan

Lok Virsa Museum, Islamabad


Commonly called the “Museum for the People of Pakistan”, the Lok Virsa Museum in Islamabad is Pakistan’s National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage. Its extraordinary collections bring alive the unique history of Pakistan. The exhibits display and preserve the living folk and traditional culture and crafts of this extraordinary culture.

Image credits:  IRVI Residency – Islamabad, Pakistan

Podcast with Harlan Emil Gruber and Jean Gardner


An illuminating podcast hosted by Harlan Emil Gruber with Jean Gardner. Harlan is the author of Portal to the New Earth. The two met at Parson’s School of Design where Jean was Harlan’s thesis advisor in environmental design. Harlan is an artist and designer interested in developing ecologically sustainable human habitations to benefit not only humanity, but all life and the Earth. Their conversation spans from their time at Parson’s School of Design, to their shared interests in sacred geometry and ancient civilizations/architecture.

Designing with the Earth

Earth Group Global Founder Jean Gardner participated in a discussion recently about design education in the 21st century as part of a seminar called:  The Revolution Will Be Designed:  How do we help design students understand the role they play in design practice worldwide?  In this interview, Jean talks about what the “design revolution” means and how embodied experience can transform design and our future on Earth in today’s post-pandemic climate-crisis era.

Interview with Veerle Aimé Marguérite Devos – Journalist, biographical writer and city guide in Lisbon:,,

The Earth is more than just a home, it’s a living system and we are part of it.

- James Lovelock

Atmospheric Chemist, NASA

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