Earth architecture is an approach to building that prioritizes relating to the Earth. Built with natural materials from the Earth where you live, Earth architecture for your pet creates a home that supports your pets adapting to seasonal changes and enjoying being outside.

Here we share EGG collaborator Zain Mustafa’s photos of the shelter he built for his cat Bali at his home in Pakistan.  His Earth architecture approach to building a pet house is one that can be implemented for all beloved cats and dogs wherever you live.

Weather:  Consider the weather in your region, which is changing due to Climate Change.  Take into account: Sun exposure.  Prevailing winds.  Extreme heat.  Rain.  Cold.  You’ll want to keep your pet comfortable and safe in relation to the weather.

Location:  Consider possible locations within the context of the weather. Zain Mustafa located his cat’s outdoor home under his backyard pavilion where he spends time every day. This covered area is safe and protected from weather, but most importantly Bali is close to Zain.

Materials: Consider materials for your pet’s home that belong to the Earth right where you are.  Local soil, local wood and stone. Use what the Earth provides in the area where you build.

This fun, experiential project supports children as well as yourself in discovering how to build shelters and homes for your cats and dogs — homes that belong where you live on the Earth. This ground rule can also stimulate your curiosity by challenging you to figure out the fundamental details of the place where you live – local conditions, weather and climate, soil and materials. Once awakened, we are all children creating an Earth Architecture where we are. Magic!



“Zain, your photos showing the carefully built home for your beloved Bali are mesmerizing — suggesting Magic is at work. I have looked at them over and over again. They show such love and care in every detail.” – Jean Gardner, Founder –